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Over 55 years of combined experience in the construction industry

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Our Purpose

To glorify God and to provide an environment where we invest in our employees so they can become the best version of themselves both personally and professionally.

Our Values

Do What’s Right.

  • This means we are honest, give feedback to each other, act carefully, and treat others as we would like to be treated.

Pursue Excellence

  • From our shovels to our largest excavator, we’re committed to improving our projects and people to bring you the best value.

Take Ownership

  • Every problem is our responsibility, and we don’t blame others when things go badly. We seek out the challenges, looking for the best outcome and solution.

Our Story

While today Accura Grade has grown include development and municipal projects, we started out small – just one man, a wife who had his back, and a mini excavator.

In 2022 Accura Grade was born out of a dream to build excellent dirt projects in the Fraser Valley. From the beginning, we’ve invested in the best people, GPS, and equipment to build the best projects.

While we emphasize production and efficiency, we also dedicate time to training and treating our people right. Thanks to our teams in the field and office, we’re continually seeking for improvement and are excited about our future.

Our Team

With over 55 years of combined experience in the construction industry, we’re committed to bringing your project to a successful closure. We strive to finish your project on time, under budget and bring unparallel work ethic to your site

What Sets Us Apart

At Accura Grade we’re eager to impress you, our client. With our experienced crews, excellent communication, and finished project. While we love the jobsite, we prioritize family. Family comes first, and that’s a value that holds at Accura Grade, from the founder to the newest hire.

Team Members



Project Manager
Shawn loves to see a project wrapping up with a smile on the client's face. He loves spending time with his family and hiking the nearby mountains.


Operations Manager
Aidan loves to see a project well executed. In his spare time, you can find him fine-tuning his operating skills on the newest piece of iron.
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Equipment Operator
Gary is an invaluable member on our team for his years of experience in the field. He also holds the prize for the best dozer operator (to be contested).


Equipment Manager
Gerdian loves to spend time around equipment and making sure it's in optimum condition. He's a family man and in he loves spending his spare time with his family on the hobby farm.

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