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Accura Grade is dedicated to ensuring the precise completion of your grading or construction project. Our focus is not only on delivering exceptional products and services but also on establishing strong and lasting connections with our valued clients.

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Our Expertise:


Dirt Grading

  • GPS and Laser Controlled grading systems
  • GPS mapping and staking

Earth Moving

  • Material bulking and transport
  • Grading and pad prep

Civil Contracting

  • Utilities Installation
  • Road Construction
  • Lot Development

Our Customers No Longer
Struggle With.

Wasted Time  & Money

Wasted Time & Money

Our grading technology takes dirt grading to the next level. Couple this technology with our years of experience and we will save you time and money.

Poorly Graded  Surfaces

Poorly Graded Surfaces

No more leveling dirt the old-fashioned way, leveling by eye only. With our advanced GPS grading we will grade your driveway or road to perfection.

Poor Greenhouse  Floors

Less than the Best

At Accuragrade, our primary objective is to provide you with unparalleled quality. No need to worry about a job half done. We will ensure your complete satisfaction.

We get it –
Grading by the seat of your pants is tough…

With AccuraGrade on-site, you can rest easy. We take all the stress out of getting that grading just right. We make big projects feel small and small projects feel important.

How it Works

Call for a Quote

1. Call for a Quote

Give us a call. From there we can schedule a time to meet you in person, visit your jobsite, and discuss all the dirty details. At this stage, we want to learn every detail about your project, nothing left unsaid.

Get a Plan

2. Get a Plan

You can sit-back and relax while we outline exactly how we will solve your dirt grading problems. Our plans are all-inclusive, with designs that meet your needs and proposed budgets that don’t break the bank.

Enjoy Your Completed  Project

3. Enjoy The Results

Whether it’s a parking lot, utility installation, or a large earthmoving project, you can rest knowing that the job will be done to the best of standards, with the utmost care.